Resume Summary

Spenser Hale is an intensely passionate full-stack web developer. He concentrates on the single most valuable asset to your organization, your customers. Spenser provides customer-driven focus, ideals and user experience in all aspects of his work.

Professional Profile

I strive to have positive impacts on our customers and to build a gratifying connection between them and the product and brand. I am exceptional in "walking in the shoes" of the consumer and finding their needs. I take the needs and design interfaces that are practical and efficient. I love taking ideas to fruition and developing applications that solve problems to make their lives easier, better and happier.

My experience and passions are diverse, ranging from web application development, infrastructure, and security to front-end engineering, user interaction design, and project management to provide end-to-end product engineering. I keep the highest standard of quality in all endeavors. I am fascinated with enterprise scaling, redundancy, and fail-over while taking on the challenge of keeping parts of the puzzle secure. I make better applications with test-driven development, unit testing, and agile methodologies.

I love devising performance optimization and proper refactoring of code while keeping the augmentations easily understandable and well documented. My love of experimentation has profoundly shaped my learning speed and debugging skills. My diversified background and skill-sets make me an asset to solve complex problems.

Technical Focus

Skills & Assets

  • Extensive User Experience & Design Expertise
  • API Integrations & Data Modeling
  • Test Driven Development
  • Object Oriented Development
  • Cross-Browser and Platform Compatible Responsive Design
  • A/B Testing & Digital Marketing
  • Server Administration and LAMP Stack Experience
  • Agile & Source Control Methodologies
  • Google Analytics & SEO & Microdata/ Schema

Featured Client Success

User Interface and User Experience

PBHS Collaborator

Customers criticized the application's complicated processes, clunky navigation, and the unintuitive layout. I redesigned the processes to be quicker and guided, leading and assisting the user in their workflow. I modernized their design and navigation, thoughtfully organizing elements based on how users employ system. These changes appeased many members and swayed them from leaving to competitors and saved them over $100,000 in loss of revenue.

Website Development & Business Development

Clear Lake Road Riders

This small nonprofit came to me very not technology savvy. They were unclear on how the website would benefit them. I devised a plan of selling advertising on the site to collect donations for their Scholarship Program. The first year using the website to promote donations lead to a 2500% increase in contributions.

Website Development

Women of Redwood Empire

This nonprofit group needed a modern website. They wanted a responsive design to improve user experience for their mobile visitors and a content management system. Previously they had to send all text and image changes to their old developer, where now they can edit themselves. They have been getting increased awareness and 2.67X participation with non-members on their events.

UI & UE, Website Development, SEO and Schema


IOMSA requested to research and implement developments to increase visitor conversions. Reasoning as a user, eleven offices is a task to go through to find closest, so I developed a map and list of addresses. The list is searchable and sortable by zip. I wrapped each location in Micro Data to allow Search Engines to understand better the data and its context. The results are an increased Google Page Rank, traffic, and conversions

UI & UE, Website Development

PBHS Human Touch

Human Touch is a series of video to inform patients of the procedure they were interested in receiving. However, new devices couldn't play the videos because of the technology it was employing. Many didn't complete course since the navigation was unclear and limited control. After I developed a new system for the videos and redesigned the site, video engagement raised 361%, and the videos take 1/3 less time to load.

Work Experience

2013 January - Present

Protective and Business Health Solutions

2015: Senior Developer
2013: Web Developer

Full Stack Developer & Comprehensive Problem Solver

I am an enthusiastic character with awareness and comprehension in each layer of software technology. At PBHS, I took on the needed role of the Special Projects Developer/ Mr. Fix it. I utilized my diverse skill set to complete many work orders that required unique technical abilities such as working with 3rd party MVC frameworks, APIs, and more. I have fixed wrong schema formatting, JavaScript closure issues, invalid SSL certification, and incorrect server MIME type headers to name a few examples of problems I have identified and resolved. Many times other employees cannot resolve due to the limited understanding of only their field or part in the puzzle. My agile mind and profound work ethic directly correlate with my performance. My first month my bosses expected to complete around 100 billable hours. My first month I completed 283 billable hours and 321 the next month. My colleagues with many years of experience and knowledge couldn't compare with their highest being 223. Having a great Problem Solver retains more customers by having quick and comprehensive problem resolution. Happy customers who get their request resolved, tell about people about their positive experience.

User Experience Architect & User Interface Designer

I performed a critical position in leading innovations and best practices into PBHS Projects. PBHS did not have adequate User Experience and Quality Assurance Implementations. Customers criticized the regular flow of problems, issues, and complicated processes. Utilizing my training in User Experience, I began to put the techniques into practice in my work. My actions led to changes in better functionality and usability in maybe products but most notably, Collaborator. Proper User Experience will be continual and vital process to make Collaborator and other PBHS applications into exceptional products. I applied these same skills and techniques to perform Quality Assurance checks to our Custom Websites. The result was countless problems identified and resolved. Fixing issues before clients see them is vital. Many unhappy customers do not complain, and many will cancel their service without seeking resolution to their grievances. A discontent patron will tell numerous colleagues about their dissatisfying experience. Possessing a User Experience Architect & User Interface Designer and implementing better User Experience and Quality Assurance will lead to fewer support tickets and greater client retention.

Project Manager & Business Development Leader

I strive in roles where I'm permitted oversee and operate in every part of the process. Where administration involves the authority to make the necessary decisions for its success. At PBHS, I was given reign over many projects to improve as I see fit. I challenged the status quo to reinvent and improve beyond the preconceived boundaries. PBHS's has thousands of websites however all assets loaded from one server. Both clients and staff had complained about slow page load times. I recognized the return on investment potential of developing a CDN to solve this issue. To others, it was assumed too challenging to reinvent and not cost effective. I implemented a Content Delivery Network, and proper caching and results were astounding. Average site load time went from 2.7 seconds to 0.7, and our hosting costs decreased by over $4,000. The solution both satisfies our customers' gripes and creates additional value to our hosting.

WordPress Developer

Wordpress is the backbone of PBHS's sites infrastructure and the site's I produce. I am well versed in Wordpress Development. I can make and customized Wordpress themes. I have created plugins that add additional functionality. I work with Wordpress almost every day, and I am always learning and keeping modern with its development. Wordpress is by far the most popular however I also develop for Drupal, Joomla, SMF, and a few other content management systems.

SEO and Schema

I implemented many significant developments in the SEO, Schema, and Micro Data of our Wordpress Sites. Previously, it was very much like the wild west for our implementation, being accomplished various ways and levels by different staff and not always correctly. I standardized its usages. I initialized better Schema and Micro Data format, and its usage across template sites, were beforehand it wasn't always included. Most companies do not use Micro Data and Schema even though search engines love it and highly recommend it. Having properly formatted and utilized Schema, and Micro is a significant competitive advantage for SEO Campaigns.

2009 March - 2013 January

Riviera Computers Inc.

2012: Store Manager
2011: Server Administrator
2010: Network Technician
2009: IT Technician

Store Manager

This position was the highest the company could offer, working directly with the CEO. I still had the roles of my previous titles however I had the additional responsibility to run all aspects of business. I handled accounting, inventory, staffing while completing projects that required my skills. I am become very fluent on business management quickly running a small business. I was able to increase profits by seeing the big picture. We sold business networking equipments; however the previous Manager stopped carrying them because we couldn't compete with big box on price without taking a loss. I knew many of the time when buying networking equipment you purchase cables, which are high profit. When sold in combination, we made a profit, and often the same customer would come back for other services. Within three months our sales increased 35%; however I could foresee the change of the industry. With computers getting cheaper, and cloud servers being easier to manage, I knew IT would decrease in demand. So I taught myself web development and got hired at PBHS.

Server Administrator

I quickly advanced to Server Administrator from Network Technician. I now serviced many server systems, from network attached store devices to active directory and dynamic name servers. I ran accounting servers to web servers. It was during this position I learned and produced voice over internet protocol systems, such as 3CX.

Network Technician

I continuously challenge myself to improve, and I quickly trained myself in the skills necessary to change to a Network Technician position. I worked on setting up local area networks and creating internet protocol structures and groups. Then progressed to configuring virtual private networks and installing wide area wireless networks. I connected modems with internet service providers.

IT Technician

I had a long term interest in computers, even setting up and teaching neighbors computers in Middle School. In High School, I worked part time a local computer store. I removed viruses, installed and configured hardware and other general PC building and repair tasks. However, I was always learning outside of work and by the end of the year I was the go-to person to ask how to remove specific viruses.


I am constantly teaching myself web development. I read articles, dabble and take self-paced courses. I have taken courses from Udemy, General Assembly, Lynda, ITC University, Startup Academy, edX, Tuts, Team Treehouse, and more. Below are badges for completed learning.

Team Treehouse